Countries To Visit For Budget Travellers

We all want to take a relaxing vacation but at the same time, we want to save while enjoying the view. If you are one of those budget travellers who does not want to spend more than $30 per day, here are some countries where you can achieve your goals and save:


Despite being a popular tourist destination these days, Thailand is still considered a haven’s paradise for cheap travellers. It is relatively easy to live on less than $30 a day. Budget rooms cost around $6 to $10 a night, food cost less than $5 per day, travelling can cost around $10, and $2 on drinks per day.

Just like any other countries, Thailand can also be expensive. To achieve your $30 a day goal, stay away from expensive drinks and restaurants, take local transportation and stay in guesthouses.


Though flights are long and expensive, once you get there you will find rooms that are less than $10 a night, meals for $2, and activities like snorkelling for no more than $10. If you leave the touristy southern part of Bali and travel inland, you will even be amazed at how it can go cheaper.


Budapest is a beautiful country and full of history and travellers love to come here because it is cheap. Hostels start at $8 per night, meals at the market or at the kebab and sandwich shops cost at around $2, and trains and buses are just a few dollars. Touring this country will really give you a big break if you have already visited popular and expensive destinations in Europe.